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 Luring For Beginners

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PostSubject: Luring For Beginners   Luring For Beginners EmptySun Sep 20, 2009 2:17 pm

Luring in pokemon is the act of "bluffing" or "outsmarting" the opponent into switching into something that can benefit you. The main ways to do this are with:
1. Item Bluffing
2. Sending out a pokemon which a poke on your opponents team can counter
3. Force

#1 Item Bluffing
This if done wrong is extremely risky. You are going into a abttle with a item which IS NOT common in the Metagame. The item then needs traits in which allow it to look like it. Usually you try and bluff Choice items for obvious reasons. A very good example is heatran. Heatran has 3 possible items in the metagame, Specs, Scarf, Life Orb. Scarf is by far the easiest to bluff so we can for example, Come in on a thudnerwave. Your sped is now so low even if you had a scarf chances are you can't outspeed much. You are holding an expert belt. You have now effectively bluffed a Choice Scarf. You now use a move like Earth pwoer trying to LURE in flying types. After that hit them with a Overheat effectively 1HKO them.

#2 Sending out Bait
Begin by sending out a pokemon Like gyrados. Your opponent will then opefully switch to a electric user. Most thunderbolters are specced therefore. Just before they switch go to a or a pokemon like Jolteon to set up.

#3 Force
Once youve revealed MOST of your opponents team you cant start palying Mind games. One of these i like to call Force. Its done by for example sending out a machamp against a blissey. Once youve sent it out your opponent will know that machamp is a risk to there blissey. Often they will swap out. If you predict this and you know there team send out a counter or a pokemon which can easily set up against there machamp counter.

Mind games are the key to everything in pokemona nd Luring is a BIG example.
Over Analysis can cause failure
Under Analysis can cause failure
Perfect Analysis can cause failure

Analysis everything to a suitable level. Analyze your opponents team and strategy.

And live by motto:
Don't call upon Luck
Let Luck call upon you.
(yes i made that up)

Luring For Beginners Dbamag10
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PostSubject: Re: Luring For Beginners   Luring For Beginners EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 7:45 am

this is a very good guide and its tells everyone what you need to do to win. Most beginners use the same tactics as they did during the game itself which is just attack attack, attack and never switch.

Also note that using moves that increase your stats are very valuable and can win you many games but the key is timing.

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Luring For Beginners
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