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 Your Pokemon History

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PostSubject: Your Pokemon History   Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:44 am

Hey guys this is just to talk about how you found out about pokemon, what games you played etc. etc. Needless to say this isn't restricted to the DS or even games

Ill start this thread off.

I first found out about pokemon when i was 3 when my cousin who is 3 years older than me found out about it. Around that time i left to live in NZ and it started from there. I was about 5 when the pokemon series started in NZ and i loves it, i watched it, i breathed it and i lived it. When the cards came out i bought them and like my cousin i collected them. When i was 6 i went back home to singapore for a holiday. my cousin and i got $50 each and we spent it all on pokemon cards. We watched every episode we could and played the card game almost every day. When we came back a person we knew had a gameboy and pokemon yellow, red and blue, i borrowed them and played them all the time even at school under my desk! from that point onwards i had it stuck in my mind that i would get a gameboy but my parents insisted against it. As luck would have it another one of my friends got a gameboy advanced with pokemon silver, gold and crystal and the story is the same. On my ninth birthday i got a huge suprise, my parents got me a GBA SP!!! and they also got my pokemon Ruby! i was in heaven, since then i got a DS and got pokemon diamond, platinum, all the dungeon games and ranger games i also borrowed my friends wii... so in a summary

My Pokemon History

- TV Show
- Card Game
- Pokemon Yellow, Red, Blue
- Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal
- Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald
- Pokemon Leaf Green, Fire Red
- Pokemon Ranger (all)
- Pokemon Dungeon (all)
- Pokemon Diamond, Platinum
- Pokemon Battle revolution

This is a list of everything i had to do with pokemon, it looks like i listed every game in a series but i only listed the games i have played and completed, and that is most of them. I also know there i some i didn't mention in my long paragraph but if i did it would take too long.

Feel free to tell us your story

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PostSubject: Re: Your Pokemon History   Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:54 pm

mine is well
card game
fire red
and the last soul silver, my friend told me about pokemon =)

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Your Pokemon History
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